Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Final COunt Down

So as most of you know I am graduating in April. I honestly can't believe that I am getting down to the bitter end. I started at BYU-Idaho in Fall of 2005, so I do believe it is about time I get my bachelors degree, I should really be getting a Masters I have been here so long. I did do A mission in between all that, so I guess I am not that behind. It is weird but on campus I literally don't know anyone anymore. People I do know are Matt's friends or teachers. All my friends have graduated moved on have children! I am beginning to feel very old in my classes, so I am excited for a new change! Right now I just have to stay focused. I do not know why but it is sooo hard for me to right now. Usually I am very studios (i think that is how you spell it) I usually am way head on my homework, and projects, straight A's. This semester I am like C's get degrees (bad attitude I know). Not only that the stress getting to my body. I am barely eating, I drink diet coke and eat saltines (no I am not prego) and I am gaining weight rapidly!!! lol (okay 3 pounds, but still in 3 days...) I swear I am going to have to do some major detox after I graduate! And i am trying to lose weight because I am going to Boston to visit my sister for a week and then Jersey/New York for another week right after graduation! I am way excited about that! I have never been to Boston so Matt and I decided to go, while we have this opportunity since Tyler and Emily live there now. Then I haven't been back to New Jersey since my mission almost 2 years ago.. (wow) So we are going to go there after. My companion is going to meet me down there. Then we are going to texas for the rest of the summer to sell for pinnacle once again! We have some adventures coming up! Hopefully I pass my classes and they don't have to roll me on the plane by April 10th! hahah any suggestions?