Thursday, August 25, 2011

Taylor Swift Concert!

So we finally got to go to our Taylor Swift Concert! Over Christmas my sister Emily wanted to go and asked my mom if she wanted to go, then we all wanted to go! So My mom got the tickets and it seemed like forever until the concert. Now I must say I never have been a huge fan of Taylor Swift. I thought she is a good artist but I never really listened to her that much. My sisters made me promise if I went I had to have a good attitude. lol So I started listening to her cd's to prepare. I just never thought she had the best voice. But since she started she has really improved! Well I started listening and memorizing her songs, because I wanted to be able to sing to them, and I have to admit I kinda became a fan!! hahaha So the day finally came to go we had made Shirts and Posters. There is this after party called T-Party and we really wanted to get into it. Taylor picks people from the audience to hang out with her after the show. lol We didn't get picked but we still had a BLAST!!! We were on the floor and we seriously a few seats away from where the Celebrities sat. And before we knew it Emma Stone rolls up. My sister Emily and I noticed her and thought it would be fun to Yell "I LOVE YOU EMMA" we are both big fans so we do and then everyone noticed her and started talking millions of pictures. We felt so bad for her!! We didn't even take one picture and we were so close to her. We didn't mean to start that! lol anyways then she left with her friends and body guard and came back once the show started and not only her more celebs came like the KARDASHIANS Kris the Mom, Rob the brother and the 2 youngest Kendall and Kylie were there. And Katherine Hiegle with her Husband. It was so awesome! I love the Kardashians so I seriously freaked out when they were so close to us, the Dad next to me was like wow calm down! hahahah anyways then the show started and omg it was AMAZING!!! She did such a great job, the backgrounds, and costumes, and everything was so entertaining, she even came and sang in the audience like a few rows from us in a tree and then came by and shook all our hands on the way back! She is really cute and down to earth! I loved it!! I recommend everyone to see her shows!

Outside LA Staple Center!
My sisters and sister-in-law
Taylor singing
Having so much fun!!!
And me! I am about 19 weeks here!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Family Vacation!! Family Pictures!!

So My whole Family Got together this past week and we went to Newport for a week. We stayed at this place called Newport Dunes! It was so much fun! I love being with my entire family! Since we are growing so fast my mom really wanted to get another family picture done down at the beach. So we got them done and the turned out great! Even with 7 little children which was hard we got some cute pictures! It was beautiful! I already miss Newport and Balboa Bars!

My mom and Sisters!

The original 5! My wonderful Siblings!!
My Perfect Parents! I love them so much!
My hot little sister who just got off her mission!
Matt and I and baby in the tummy!
Tyler and My older sister Emily and cute little Ethan!
My Brother Brian and Johanna and their kids Bradley, Kara, and Reid!
My Brother Brent, Mari and their 2 little ones Jackson, and Weston!!
My Whole Big family! They are the greatest! I love them all!
Family is the best! They are always there for you! I am still in California at my parents house. Matt went back out to work in New Mexico, he has 3 more weeks left of work. I can not believe we are in August! I am already 16 weeks pregnant, I can't believe it! And we found out we are having a girl! We are so excited! Still seems like forever till little Abbi is coming to our home! But I know it will go by fast!! trying to enjoy the summer while it last! Then back to Rexburg for the Fall!