Saturday, March 17, 2012

Abbi Meets the Sunshine State!

It was my mom's Spring break so we decided to head to California! I was a little scared to fly with Abbi, but she did wonderful!! The way there was a cake walk, but the way back... Allegiant was horrible! We had a 6 hour delay! But That did ruin my wonderful trip! My mom made it all about me! It was a blast we went all my favorite food places, we went shopping, went to Palm Springs and laid out, we went to the LA Zoo! It was a BLAST! It was a pleasant 80 degree's the whole time too! I was able to catch up with some friends! SUch a great trip, I already want to go back! I kinda convinced Matt for us to go there after he graduates before we go out to sell for the summer!! Which we are going to DC! I am pretty excited about it! Here are a few highlights from our trip!

LA Zoo MY little niece Kara!
At the Zoo! Grandma with here 2 Granddaughters!
Such a great Day at the Zoo!
Palm Springs! Outside our Hotel!
Abbi loved the pool! She is definitely a Cali Girl!
Laying out!
Abbi meets her Boyfriend Saywer!
My best friend Steph since 1st grade! Our babies 2 weeks apart!
Cousin Jackson holding Abbi!