Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just Living it up!

Sunday Afternoon at the Park!!
"Como Zoo"
I really don't know what we were trying to do here! haha
Pretty Garden!
Kelsi, Me, and Brit

So I have lived here in Minnesota for about a month now. It is pretty cool. I have made some friends with the other wives. I can't say we have a hard life. Today I woke up at 10 am, went to the gym, and then laid outside and drank my diet coke. As good as that sounds I am use to doing a lot of things. I loving having a schedule and just go, go going. We have been trying to find fun things to so, that are pretty cheap. The other day we went to a place called the "Como Zoo" it was a two dollar donation and it was a huge Zoo. We had a lot of fun, it had a many different sections. It had a beautiful Garden Section, and then Birds, Fish ect. It was a great place to take kids if you have them, for a fun activity. I am so glad the weather has gotten better. For two weeks it was so rainy and gross, I was really beginning to get a little depressed! I am such a Cali girl, I need my sun. But this week has been wonderful! The pool opens tomorrow, so that's where i'll be! We want to do fun things, so if anyone has any fun craft idea's let me know!!! Matt has been working so hard, I feel bad I basically do whatever I want all day, but I guess enjoy it while it last, right?!