Friday, January 14, 2011

The Holidays are Over

Sadly the Holidays are over. Last semester was a very busy semester for Matt and I. We we're very excited for our breaks (ie Thanksgiving and Christmas). They were much needed. This Christmas we spent it with the Thomas's. I must say I was kind of sad to be going with Matt's this year for Christmas, but I knew we had to be fair. I love Matt's family so much, it just was going to be different to not be at my house for Christmas. It was a wonderful Christmas, we baked alot and tried to stay out of the rain. Played with our new nephew Sterling. We took family pictures with Matt's family and just by our self's. The day after Christmas we headed down to my place in Southern California and had new years with my family. We went down to San Diego for a few days and hung out at all my favorite places. San Diego was beautiful! 70 degrees, I did not want to come back to Christmas. We brought our dog Cudi with us and our niece and nephews loved him!! They called him Fluffy the whole week (not quite sure where fluffy came from). But it was pretty fun they would help us feed him, and walk him, and give him treats. It was also My birthday and Matt birthday over the break. I turned 24 years old on Dec.25th and Matt turned 25 on Dec.29th. I feel so old, hahaha. I know I am not old, but I feel a lot older than everyone here at school. I mean there our 18 year olds and I am like 6 years older than them. It is weird. I am glad to be graduating this semester. Anyways the break was not long enough. We had to head back to the coldest place Rexburg. It was -2 degrees when we got back with snow. And this week it has been snowing NON STOP! I hate it! Last night is probably snowed 8 inches. This semester is going great so far. Just finished week 2. I am taking 12 credits and doing an internship at the family crisis center (which i love!) and working still. It is going to be very busy, but I see light at the end of the tunnel! APRIL yah! I can not wait to graduate, it feels great! I am getting to old for this school anyways : )