Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Prego at the 4th of July

4th OF JULY!!
The 4th of July is a big important holiday in my family and also in my city! For as long as I can remember my whole family went to the Redlands Stadium for the big show. As our family grew we had more and more people coming with us! This year we were not planning on going home because we were out working in Colorado Springs, CO. (And yes that means we moved once again!) But we decided pretty much at 6:30pm Friday night that we needed to go be with my family. So we left at 7:30pm we packed in like 10 minutes threw everything in the car and drove through the night to Redlands. Actually we didn't even tell my family we were coming. For one I knew my mother would be up sick if she knew we were driving, and I didn't want to worry her, and two we wanted to surprise my whole family! And that we did! We actually met up with them at the beach on Saturday (I knew they were going to be there) took us kinda a long time to find them, but once we did the reaction was priceless. My mom was screaming, and everyone was just in shock!! It was so much fun to be with my whole family (minus kaylin who get home in 1 week from her mission yah!!!). We did the usually 4th of july things!! We did the beach, we swam a ton, went to the Stadium! I was able to see a few of my friends, and just chill with my husband who I never see!! Here are some pictures from the trip!!

Here are all the Boys in my family at the Angels game. We have season tickets so my dad decided to have a boys night, and my nephew Bradley got to go to his first Baseball game! He was sooo cute about it!
Here is Bradley in his red glasses for Angels and Angels Hat! He talked about it non stop!!

Here we are on The forth of July. My two bestest friends from High School Stopped by to see me and my family! Leada on my Left and Stephanie on my Right who is pregnant with her 2nd!
Here i am doing what I do best! hahahah it is true with my little nephew weston!
These are my 3 youngest nephews! They are adorable!! My mom bought them matching outfits of course! They are all within 6 months of each other. Weston is 13 months, then Reid 18 months, and then Ethan who is also 13 months!!
Here we are at the University of Redlands Stadium! I love my older sister! She is literally my role model in every way!
Matt and I eating and playing games!
This is Johanna my sister-in-law and Kara my 3 year old sassy niece. My who family says she is exactly like me. hahah I hope they mean it in a good way! : )
Tyler and Emily and there little boy Ethan!!
Here is My mother the best person in the whole wide world!! Love her SO MUCH!! She is playing with the grandkids her favorite thing to do!!!

OH YES and by announcement! I realized I haven't Posted about it yet! I am PREGNANT! Yep! I am a little over 12 weeks pregnant now! Matt and I are very excited! We can not wait to start our family!!