Thursday, May 19, 2011


TEXAS!!! CUrrently we are residing in Midland, Texas! It is pretty Hot, and Windy! Not a whole lot t do here, plenty of cowboys, and trucks though! SO far it has been great for us though! Matt works all day from noon till 9 pm and sometimes doesn't get home till 11 pm! He is such a hard worker! I on the other hand do nothing pretty much all day except maybe shop or lay by the pool, hard life huh? So basically at the end of the night I am wide awake and Matt is wiped! See below...

Cudi was tired to so he fell asleep on Matt!
This awesome Japanese Grill we found across from our Hotel! It is so delicious!!
They cook it in front of you and give you a fun show!
This is a story!! My poor car! Dallas (another wife in the office), and I decide to pick up our husbands early to go to dinner, and look where it brought us, my tire (which was brand new) totally just shredded. I was driving, it scared me to death, luckily it happened after we picked them up, I cant imagine 2 girls tiring to change the tire!!! ugh

We decided since we were in Texas we had to hit up a real Country concert so we did!
Even though Country Music isn't our thing, we still had fun!
It was pretty interesting because it was at a bar outside, we were the only ones not drinking and smoking!
Dallas and I !!!