Wednesday, September 1, 2010

YEar One is Done, and the Summer is gone

Nashville, Tn
Blind Tiger Bar and Grill
Yah for our 1st Anniversary!
soooooo much stuff

This past year has been nuts for Matt and I. We seriously realized that just this summer we have been in 18 states! CA, NV,UT, ID, MT, ND,IL, MN,IA,KS,KN,TN,CO,WY... the list goes on lol! Well the summer is officially over! We had a fun time this summer and made lots of new friends, and made lots of memories. We went to a Titans pre-season football game before we left Nashville. That was super fun. Then We made our way back to Rexburg, ID. Man that was such a long drive. 30 hours it took us! We listened to a lot of music and talked about a lot of things! I saw some part of the country I have never seen. We stayed in Topeka, Kansas the first night in a really nice hotel and went to a nice Restaurant for our anniversary! It was a lot of fun, I still can't not believe we have been married for a year! I love matt more and more each and everyday! He is amazing. Anyways we continued on our trip and stayed with some friends in Denver, Co. Then Finally we made it back to Idaho. I am so excited to start school because this april I graduate!!! I am pretty stoked! It has been a wonderful year and summer! Can not complain at all, the Lord has really blessed us!