Tuesday, June 8, 2010

eXpLoRinG oUR SurRoUnDiNGs!

So we have start exploring more around Minnesota. We heard about this place called the Sculpture Gardens with a Giant Cherry in a Spoon. We though, we must see that! So Sunday We had Stake Conference, so church was early, so we were able to go Downtown and check it out in the afternoon. We made it just in time to explore it and leave before it started to Down POUR! It was so much fun to be together on a Sunday afternoon and just explore the City a little bit. Matt doesn't get much time off, so we try to take advantage of the times we have together.
Sculpture Gardens!
Matt picking the cherry to put in my mouth
The Love of My Life : )
A little Vogue for yah

One Day some of the wives and I decided to go Down Town and explore a little. We just went anywhere our hearts desired. I felt a little bad doing fun things without Matt, but what are you gonna do! lol We found random things like a music wall. That made me so happy because I am obsessed with music and singing, as many people know. So We would just stop and take pictures wherever! It was a really fun day, and it was beautiful outside. I want to do it again, with Matt next time! I am really having fun with the other wives here. They are all so sweet, I am making some great friends. Matt is working really hard right now, and I am so proud of him!
Happiest place on Earth
Music Wall
Posing by the Random Music Wall
The GirLs Going DowNtOWn!