Monday, November 15, 2010

I officially suck at blogging!!

So I must say I feel kind of bad because I haven't blogged in seriously like 3 months. I honestly even forgot I had a blog! hahahah Here is the thing we got back up to rexburg and we have been sooo BUSY! Matt and I are both full time students and have part time jobs. I have 15 credits that are killing me. I seriously have never worked this hard at my classed. I thought I was suppose to get smarter as time went on with school, lol but my classes are getting harder! I graduate in April though so I see light at the end of the tunnel! I am working again at Big Juds! It is not to bad a pretty fun job and I really enjoy the people I work with. I can not wait to graduate and get a real job though, I don't know how people waitress for like 20 years, that is not for me! I started classes also for my internship for next semester. I will be interning at the Family Crisis Center in town. I am really excited! I will be super busy next semester to though, I will be taking 11 credits, my internship, and working!! ahhh lol and being a wife and a dog mommy! Yes we got DOG!! He is the cutest thing ever! I will attach a photo no worries. We have had him for about 3 weeks now, we love him! He is 9 weeks old, and we are potty training him, which is hard, but he gets better every day! Anyways this is a quick update of my life! I will be better at updating I promise!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

YEar One is Done, and the Summer is gone

Nashville, Tn
Blind Tiger Bar and Grill
Yah for our 1st Anniversary!
soooooo much stuff

This past year has been nuts for Matt and I. We seriously realized that just this summer we have been in 18 states! CA, NV,UT, ID, MT, ND,IL, MN,IA,KS,KN,TN,CO,WY... the list goes on lol! Well the summer is officially over! We had a fun time this summer and made lots of new friends, and made lots of memories. We went to a Titans pre-season football game before we left Nashville. That was super fun. Then We made our way back to Rexburg, ID. Man that was such a long drive. 30 hours it took us! We listened to a lot of music and talked about a lot of things! I saw some part of the country I have never seen. We stayed in Topeka, Kansas the first night in a really nice hotel and went to a nice Restaurant for our anniversary! It was a lot of fun, I still can't not believe we have been married for a year! I love matt more and more each and everyday! He is amazing. Anyways we continued on our trip and stayed with some friends in Denver, Co. Then Finally we made it back to Idaho. I am so excited to start school because this april I graduate!!! I am pretty stoked! It has been a wonderful year and summer! Can not complain at all, the Lord has really blessed us!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nashville Shore

Last week, Matt really needed to take a break. It was so Hot here in Nashville. So we decided to leave at like Noon and go to a water park called Nashville Shores! It was really funny, because lets face it most people there had children with them. But all ages were going on the slides and in the wave pool. It was a really fun Water Park, and I loved just being able to spend a day with my husband all alone! It was much needed! We snuck food in and after words stopped off and got huge diet cokes because we were so thirsty and tired! We got lots of Color!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Family Vacation!!

Boating! Reid's hair is all over the place!

Tahoe Queen! Cruise around the Lake

So Every Year my family goes on a Family VAcation. We love going to new places, and we also love going to our favorite places. Since I was little we would pack up the car and go somewhere for a week. It has been such a wonderful memory for me. Last Summer my whole family flew to New Jersey and they picked me up from my mission and we stayed on the Jersey Shore and went into New York a lot. It was so much fun! This year we went to Lake Tahoe. This is one of our Families favorite places to go, I have a lot of memories there. It was exciting because Matt had never been to Lake Tahoe and had never been to one of our family Vacations! It was a full house, that is for sure. We would get woken up every morning by screaming kids..ahahah, great birth control. lol But I love being around my niece and nephews and I have such cute ones! We love to do activities. My dad always makes up a little itinerary. So we had plans every day. We Went to the Lake, and Went shopping, we went jet skiing, went on a dinner cruise and we also went boating. It was such a blast. I was really actually depressed to come back to Nashville! But this summer is just flying by! Soon enough we will be back in Rexburg up at school. I seriously can not believe how fast this summer has gone by! Well here are a few pictures of the fun we had! I love family its the best!!

At the Lake

Kara with her ice cream, this is just too cute!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home

So Last week I went home to Southern California. It was a much needed break! Not that my life is very hard right now, but I really need to go home for a while. It was so nice to be with my family and friends. It happened to be a very busy week. Everything happen to fall durning this past weekend! I was able to go to my friend Rebekah's wedding, my best friend Stephanie's Baby Shower, My oldest Brothers 30th Birthday Party, and My Sister Emily's son Ethans baby Blessing. It was a fast week! I went to An Angels game with My Dad and Mom and Sister. I went to the beach, and just hung out by the pool. It was fun because it was the 4th of July. We just hung out and watched fireworks. The only bad thing is we think that my Brother's Birthday cake from Costco got my whole family sick. I only had a very thin slice, and I felt sick but never threw up. But my Dad, my Mom, My brother Brent, My sister Emily, and Matt got so sick with the flu! It was horrible! Matt lost 6 pounds! I guess it was the diet you never wanted to go on. Everyone is better now, but it definitely sucked. Matt and I also went and saw the new Twilight movie. It was so good. So if you are wondering if you should see it, go see it! Now we are back in Nashville. I already miss my family and California, but I can't complain since I am going back in two weeks!

Baby Reid at the Beach
Making a Sand Castle
We love the Beach
Arielle and me waiting for Rebekah to come out of the Temple
Waiting for Fireworks
My Cute Husband and me on the 4th
My Nephew Bradley
relaxing in the pool
Chilling at my Brother Bday BBQ
Baby Blessing
Over the Hill Party for Brian (Hence the Black!!)
Steph's Shower
AngeLs Game

Friday, July 2, 2010


Grave site
Mississippi River
1st school house
Browning Gunshop
Hole from Shot that Killed Hyrum

Well there have been many changes happening! The office in Minnesota was not doing as good as everyone wanted, so they decided to move us! It was funny because they were talking about moving, but I really didn't think it was going to happen. W had already bought tickets to fly to california for the 4th of july, so the thought of moving was stressful. Last friday we got the word that it was official! We were moving to Nashville, TN! And we were moving the next night pretty much! So we packed everything up. Friday night a huge storm hit Hopkins. It was crazy, there were Tornado warnings and it was practically flooding it was so bad. But we survived. The night day we finished packing everything up and got a moving. We spent the night outside of Navuoo. We decided that since it was on the way that we should stop and see Navuoo. Neither of us had been before. It was such a wonderful experience! We happened to be there on the Anniversary of Joseph Smiths (our church's first Prophet) death. It was so sad but also very cool to be at the same exact spot that Joseph Smith was murdered. It was a really testimony builder. The Early Saints went through so much for us. We walked down this path called the Trail of Hope. It has journey entries from some of the pioneers. It was very inspiring. I have little to complain about in my life compared the pain and suffering they went through. I am so glad we were able to stop and see some of the things in Navuoo. We made it so Tennessee. So humid! We unpacked and then I left for california! I am here now and having a blast with my family!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

eXpLoRinG oUR SurRoUnDiNGs!

So we have start exploring more around Minnesota. We heard about this place called the Sculpture Gardens with a Giant Cherry in a Spoon. We though, we must see that! So Sunday We had Stake Conference, so church was early, so we were able to go Downtown and check it out in the afternoon. We made it just in time to explore it and leave before it started to Down POUR! It was so much fun to be together on a Sunday afternoon and just explore the City a little bit. Matt doesn't get much time off, so we try to take advantage of the times we have together.
Sculpture Gardens!
Matt picking the cherry to put in my mouth
The Love of My Life : )
A little Vogue for yah

One Day some of the wives and I decided to go Down Town and explore a little. We just went anywhere our hearts desired. I felt a little bad doing fun things without Matt, but what are you gonna do! lol We found random things like a music wall. That made me so happy because I am obsessed with music and singing, as many people know. So We would just stop and take pictures wherever! It was a really fun day, and it was beautiful outside. I want to do it again, with Matt next time! I am really having fun with the other wives here. They are all so sweet, I am making some great friends. Matt is working really hard right now, and I am so proud of him!
Happiest place on Earth
Music Wall
Posing by the Random Music Wall
The GirLs Going DowNtOWn!