Thursday, June 16, 2011

What a wonderful week!!!

This past week has been so amazing! My mom came to visit me from California. She hates to fly, so she took a train 24 hours to come be with me for a week! She is so awesome to come see me! Who else has a mother who would sit next to crazy white trash weirdo's for 24 hours just to come see her daughter in Texas? The week was so much fun! It was much needed. I have been kind of depressed because Matt is working all the time! We moved from Midland Texas to Waco, Texas which is like 1.5 hours from Austin and about 2.5 hours from San Antonio. So we spent days by the pool, eating out, shopping, and going to San Antonio! In San Antonio there is the River walk and the Alamo, must see's in Texas! It was a blast. We also went to the temple, and met up with Ashlie and Kelsey from the San Antonio Office! I definitely cried when my mom left. I am just lucky to have such a wonderful Mother.

Taking a Boat on the River Walk!
Eating at Cafe Ole Right on the River Walk!!
At the Alamo!
At the Temple in San Antonio, sooo Beautiful!
With Ashlie infront of the Temple! Just love her!

So The end of the Amazing week was we went down to San Antonio On Sunday after church to visit the Hafen's. The Hafen's are a family I knew from my mission in New Jersey. They moved to San Antonio after Jerame finished Dental school. Jerame and Amy are seriously the most amazing couple! They are always doing things for others, and they are so much fun! I was so excited to see them after 2 years!! We had dinner with them, and we got to meet their new edition Zac, who is such a cutie!!
Dinner with the Hafen's

Then The next day matt finally took a day off!! It was much needed! And I got to spend the whole day with him alone!! It was such a blast! We went to a water part outside of San Antonio called Schlitterbahn. It was huge!! And such a blast! We had so much fun being together! I just love my husband! He works so hard for us!
Having fun at the water park!!