Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So right after graduation I flew to Boston to stay with my sister Emily for a week! That was a complete blast. We were able to do some really fun things, and I was able to see a little bit of how Motherhood will be! Ethan is such a cutie, he is 10 months and adorable! My sister had the whole week planned out, we went to Salem, MA that was actually legit kinda creepy! hahah there are really witches there, but it was fun! we did lots of shopping and eating good food! Matt flew in on Wednesday night and then Thursday we did the Freedom Trial and saw a bunch of cool historical sites. Friday we went to Bunker Hill and Matt and I walked up all 297 steps to the top and saw all of Boston, we really likes Charles Town! I have to admit my calves were seriously sore for 2 days after walking up all those stairs! Sadly Tyler, Emily's Husband, got the flew! Poor guys lost 8 pounds in one day. Luckily no one else got it, but we still had a lot of fun. We went to Harvard Square and went to the movies and stuff. It went by so quickly.

Then Saturday Afternoon we rented a car and headed down to New Jersey. We stayed with the Ortiz family, I was in their ward while serving my mission in NJ. They are an amazing Dominican Family, just the best people. They took us to a Dominican Restaurant Saturday when we got their because they knew Matt served in the DR. Sunday we went to church in Scotch Plains, it was so fun to see people from my mission. I thought people would have forgotten me, but they didn't! Then after churh we went to my favorite place in Nj, Hoboken!! (some might know it bc the show cake boss is taped there) It was a blast, I love it because we walked right on the Hudson eating Jersey pie, nothing better! Monday we went into the city with Amy, Matt had never been so it was a blast, and then Tuesday Matt and I went down to the JERSEY SHORE. Wednesday morning Matt had to fly back to work, and I didn't want my trip to end, so two of my old mission companions Ambie and Hailey flew out and we traveled around to our different areas. WE also went into the CIty again, went shopping and stuff, and saw a Broadway Musical. We saw WONDERLAND, it has only been out a few weeks, it is a spin off of Alice and Wonderland and it was AMAZING!! It was seriously sooo much fun to be back in NJ with my companions and visiting people and having a blast. We non stopped laughed, and ate!! Now I have 3 pounds to lose, but it was well worth it, because the food is just amazing! I flew back to Texas Monday and my plane experience was horrible but what are you gonna do! Now I am here in Texas for the rest of the summer doing some DTL!! I was excited to see Matt again because we missed each other!

Monday, April 11, 2011


So the day finally came! It was a crazy two weeks before graduation. I never spent so much time in the library! We were packing and living at other peoples houses. It was super busy and crazy... but all the stress wiped away when on saturday I graduated from BYU-Idaho. My parents came from California, and Matt's parents and sister came from Northern California! My cousins Grant and Stephanie came to my ceremony too! I was so grateful for all the loving support I had! My experience at BYU-Idaho has really been amazing. I couldn't have asked for better Professors and Friends. I have learned so much! Now it is on to the next chapter of my life. This summer Matt and I will be in Texas selling for Pinnacle then back to Rexburg for another year so Matt can finish school! I am going to start looking for a job as soon as I can. right now I am just kicking it in Boston with my Sister Emily and Tyler and her baby son Ethan. Then I am off to jersey for a week! It is gonna be a great vacation!