Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nashville Shore

Last week, Matt really needed to take a break. It was so Hot here in Nashville. So we decided to leave at like Noon and go to a water park called Nashville Shores! It was really funny, because lets face it most people there had children with them. But all ages were going on the slides and in the wave pool. It was a really fun Water Park, and I loved just being able to spend a day with my husband all alone! It was much needed! We snuck food in and after words stopped off and got huge diet cokes because we were so thirsty and tired! We got lots of Color!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Family Vacation!!

Boating! Reid's hair is all over the place!

Tahoe Queen! Cruise around the Lake

So Every Year my family goes on a Family VAcation. We love going to new places, and we also love going to our favorite places. Since I was little we would pack up the car and go somewhere for a week. It has been such a wonderful memory for me. Last Summer my whole family flew to New Jersey and they picked me up from my mission and we stayed on the Jersey Shore and went into New York a lot. It was so much fun! This year we went to Lake Tahoe. This is one of our Families favorite places to go, I have a lot of memories there. It was exciting because Matt had never been to Lake Tahoe and had never been to one of our family Vacations! It was a full house, that is for sure. We would get woken up every morning by screaming kids..ahahah, great birth control. lol But I love being around my niece and nephews and I have such cute ones! We love to do activities. My dad always makes up a little itinerary. So we had plans every day. We Went to the Lake, and Went shopping, we went jet skiing, went on a dinner cruise and we also went boating. It was such a blast. I was really actually depressed to come back to Nashville! But this summer is just flying by! Soon enough we will be back in Rexburg up at school. I seriously can not believe how fast this summer has gone by! Well here are a few pictures of the fun we had! I love family its the best!!

At the Lake

Kara with her ice cream, this is just too cute!