Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Graduation Time

So it is Crazy That after 7 years our time in Rexburg has come to an end. Matt and I both got to Rexburg in 2005, and now we are leaving! It was a bitter, sweet feeling as we drove away. So many amazing memories I have in Rexburg. We both just loved our College experience. I am so proud of Matt for graduating. Now Abbi can say she has two College Graduate parents, and she has no excuses!! The last week in Rexburg was so fun, we had a huge Graduation party and BBQ's, and both of our parents came to celebrate with us in support of Matt. After we headed straight to Southern California! We have being living it up, going to the beach and Disneyland before Matt leaves for Virginia in a few days. I will fly out there in a week. We will be selling in Virginia/ DC area for the summer then job search in Southern California after. It is crazy that we are not going back to Rexburg after the summer, since we have been doing that for so long. It is very surreal!! Can't wait to see where life takes us next!