Friday, September 30, 2011

Rexburg Living

So We have been in Rexburg for about a month now. We pretty much got everything moved into our Town House. It has been fun getting everything! We are still in the process of getting the Nursery together. We finally got our crib and changing table, we just need to put it up and then we can decorate!! I can't wait to decorate Abbi's room!! Anyways I am now a substitute teacher in Rexburg. I do all different grades. It has been fun so far, it is nice because I just pick my own schedule. Matt is very busy with school, and an internship for the local Newspaper as a sports reporter. We are getting very excited for Abbi to come! I am just about 24 weeks! Here are some pictures below of our Town Home!

Abbi's room to be... all the bows!
one of the bathrooms
family room
Me!! bigger than ever! lol